Handmade Ceramics Workshop
Milos, Cyclades

About us

Natalia-Kalliope Koutra was born in Athens. She holds a Ceramics Diploma of Handmade Pottery Technician from Ceramic School of Volos.

In 2012 she participated in the Young Entrepreneurs Project where she worked and learned with Fernando Malo  expert ceramist in Mudejar Technique.  During her stay in Zaragoza she had the chance to meet Montse Mazas and Javier Fanlo Loras (Taller La Huerva) were she was introduced in traditional hand building and stone burnished techniques.  

At this time Alfonso Soro a very skilled artisan opened his studio and introduced her in wheels thrown production and large scale projects along with the artist Jesus Sanz in mixing contemporary materials with clay in sculpture.

David Cifuentes was born in Barcelona where he studied Philosophy (Bcn University), Audiovisuals (cinematography CECC) and Ceramics (Massana School. Wheel throwing and firing techniques).

In 1996 he moved to Greece where he continued his studies in philosophy (Kapodistrian University) and took ceramic seminars for two years at Diek- Volos.

After that time he continued his experiments and investigations of different process of ceramic materials glazing and molds.